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Crystal Moon Phases Suncatcher - Calm Water

Crystal Moon Phases Suncatcher - Calm Water

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Introducing our exquisite Calm Water-textured iridescent Crystal Moon Phases Suncatcher, a truly enchanting piece that is perfect for adding a touch of ethereal beauty to any space. This sparkling suncatcher is not just a delightful and whimsical decor item, but also a delightful gift for lovers of all things mystical and witchy. Its sparkling celestial design instantly captivates, reflecting mesmerizing hues as it catches the sunlight. Hang it on your wall or in your office, and let the moon phases guide you through the journey of life. Embrace lunar magic and indulge in peaceful, positive energy with this mesmerizing wall hanging mobile.

Please note, for long-lasting beauty, we recommend indoor use only as the elements (rain, wind, direct sunlight) will wear the acrylic over time.

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