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Raina, the Witch of WTF

Crystal Moon Phases Suncatcher - Dragon Skin

Crystal Moon Phases Suncatcher - Dragon Skin

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Introducing our exquisite Dragon Skin-textured iridescent Moon Phases Suncatcher, a captivating piece of ethereal and witchy home decor reminiscent of druzy crystal that is sure to enchant your space. This stunning suncatcher makes for an ideal gift for both home and office, infusing any environment with a touch of celestial magic. Crafted with precision, the crystals sparkle amid the mesmerizing moon phases, casting shimmering points of light and rainbows across any wall it graces. Hang this celestial statement piece as a wall mobile and be transported into a mystical dreamscape. Embrace the enchanting allure of the moon with this prismatic beauty that effortlessly adds a touch of mystery and elegance to any space.

Please note, for long-lasting beauty, we recommend indoor use only as the elements (rain, wind, direct sunlight) will wear the acrylic over time.

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