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Raina, the Witch of WTF

Handmade Resin Runes - Meteorite

Handmade Resin Runes - Meteorite

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Casting Runes is a form of divination that is accessible to all!  Simply draw a few from the group, or cast them according to the tradition that resonates with you!  This set of 24 Futhark Runes + 1 blank 'Odin' Rune is made from resin and mica pigments to add visually enchanting depth to your divination sessions.  

The grooves are filled with a deep, coppery red acrylic paint and a thin resin seal, so it will not rub off while casting or handling.  

Please allow 3-4 days prior to shipping; these are made-to-order!  

Custom color options:
Do you love the color of the 'stones' but want a different paint color for the Rune symbols themselves?  No problem!  Want some glitter added in?  I got you there, too.  Send me an email for a custom set!  The price will be the same!

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