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Raina, the Witch of WTF

Love on the Rocks - Geode Acrylic & Resin Painting

Love on the Rocks - Geode Acrylic & Resin Painting

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"Love on the Rocks" is an 18" round, 3D, mixed media painting.  Inspired by nature and created with a fantastical bend, this beautiful piece of art will be the focal point of any wall it adorns!  An array of luscious hues of purples, pinks, golden peach, aquas and rose gold weave between veins of sparkling gems.  Multiple layers and shimmering pigments create a gorgeous sense of depth and movement.  

This piece is absolutely unique and cannot be replicated, even in photos.  As it is coated in resin, it will preserve its beautiful colors longest if not exposed to direct sunlight.  I use super-premium, UV-protective Art Resin, but all resin will yellow over time if exposed to UV rays.  

18" round, 1.5" thick at the thickest.  Weight is approximately 3 pounds.  A hanging wire is installed.

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