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Oktoberfest Pretzel Jewelry Set

Oktoberfest Pretzel Jewelry Set

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Oktoberfest Pretzel Jewelry Set

Are you looking for some fabulous Frau fashion, or to deck out your dirndl?  These rich, warm brown marbled acrylic pretzel earrings and pendant are lightweight but pack a festive punch! This is an exclusive design you can only get from my shop!

I also offer this pretzel design as a pendant, and as a pair of earrings.  Click on the links to view them!

The body of the earring measures 47mm tall by 45mm wide as it hangs, and with the nickel-free wire will hang 71mm.  The body of the pendant measures 55mm tall by 60mm wide, and comes standard with an 18" gold-plated chain with lobster clasp.

PLEASE NOTE: The actual colors may appear slightly different in person than what you see on the screen due to differences in screen quality and color calibration. These photos were taken in fluorescent light, and only edited to achieve as true color match as possible. Should you like to see additional photos, please message me and I will be happy to send them your way! I'm happy to answer any questions - simply message me here.

Color: Marbled shades of rich, warm browns with white painted details.

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