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Raina, the Witch of WTF

Opal Stone: "Cyprus"

Opal Stone: "Cyprus"

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Opal Stone: "Cyprus"

This Opal Stone features shades of turquoise, aqua, teal and a glittering streak of gold and gems amid an electric blue sea of shimmering and holographic elements.


"Opal Stones" are a creation of my own, inspired by my love of rocks full of hidden flash and color such as labradorite and moonstone.

Each Opal Stone is an amalgamation of fluid artwork techniques and many layers of resin built on top of a ceramic tile. I use many materials - paints and pigments, glitter, and other shiny things that make my magpie heart sing. Each one is totally unique.

No one photograph can capture all that is going on in one of these, as some colors or areas of flash only show at particular angles and light levels. There is a lot of depth and mystery to explore!

Creating one of these works takes many, many hours spread over weeks as each layer is built and cured, then sanded and polished. There are no fewer than 10 layers on each stone. The resin I use to create these is heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be safely used as the world's prettiest (and heaviest!) trivet when not on display. There is a foam backing affixed which will prevent the Opal Stone from scratching furniture.

If you are interested in an Opal Stone in a particular color scheme, I am happy to create one for you. Please email me for more information.
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